Yoga Yogi Press On Nails (short oval)

Yoga Yogi Press On Nails (short oval)

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Are you a yoga lover? Ummm... aren't they cute! I hand painted yoga silhouettes over glow in the dark polish in a milky white!

Glowing Tip:

For the brightest glow-in-the-dark effect, place nails in a LED/UV light or any concentrated light for at least 30 seconds and your nails will have the coolest glow in any dark room.

 Press on nails are a temporary way to have beautiful  nails when you can't get into your favorite nail shop or even if it's your preferred way of doing your nails.They are super easy to apply and last up to two weeks! To take them off you just need to trim them down and soak with acetone! But don't worry, instructions are included in your kit! These press ons are hand painted by me with gel polish.


Included in the kit:


- 22 press on nails in all different sizes to fit your fingers

- Nail glue to apply them on to your nails

-A nail file, buffing block, orange wood stick and alcohol wipes to prep the surface of your natural nail.